Important EMP 501 Information

The Interim EMP501 reconciliation for August 2012 and the accompanying IRP5 and IT3A certificates are due by the 31st of October 2012.

Should you wish to make use of our services to complete your EMP501 Reconciliation and IRP5/IT3A certificates please reply to this email by no later than Monday 8th of October 2012 in order for us to plan appropriately. Please note the IRP5 and IT3A certificates are only for SARS’ purpose and are not to be issued to the employees.

Our fees (exclusive of VAT) are as follows:

Completion of the EMP501 Reconciliation: R 1,020.00
Preparation of the IRP5/IT3A certificates: R 380.00 (per certificate)

A clerk will be assigned to perform this task for you once we have received your confirmation. This clerk will then communicate with you directly with regards to the information required by us in order for us to complete the reconciliation and prepare the relevant certificates.

We require the above mentioned information by no later than the 12th October 2012. Should we not receive the information by this date we cannot guarantee that your reconciliation will be completed before the given due date that SARS has set and we will not be held responsible for any penalties or interest that may be incurred.

There will be a 10% penalty fee on the full PAYE liability for the period on all late submissions for the August 2012 EMP501 reconciliation. The due date for submission to SARS is the 31st of October 2012.
Please note: This email is only applicable if you have a company and employees working for you.

For more information please contact Tanya Knight on