Kirkman Lanfear 2015 | 2016 Tax Guide

Please click on the attachment below to download a copy of the 2015 | 2016 Tax Guide with our compliments.

Please note a change regarding the exchange control limit indicated on page 32 of the guide. These changes are only effective 1 April 2015 as follows:

• Authorised dealers may process corporate investment up to R1 billion per year, from R500 million previously, as well as the carrying forward of any unused allowance.
• South African residents’ foreign capital allowance will increase from R4 million to R10 million per calendar year or upon emigration, or R20 million per family unit.
• The subcategories under the individual single discretionary allowance are removed and the annual R1 million allowances may be used for any legal purpose abroad.
• The dispensation for credit card usage, currently limited to individuals, will be extended to corporates.

These dispensations are subject to the statutory requirements of the Reserve Bank and the South African Revenue Service. Further administrative details will be communicated by the Reserve Bank.

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