Kirkman Lanfear 2015 | 2016 Tax Guide

Please click on the attachment below to download a copy of the 2015 | 2016 Tax Guide with our compliments.

Please note a change regarding the exchange control limit indicated on page 32 of the guide. These changes are only effective 1 April 2015 as follows:

• Authorised dealers may process corporate investment up to R1 billion per year, from R500 million previously, as well as the carrying forward of any unused allowance.

Kirkman Lanfear 2014 | 2015 Tax Guide

Please download a copy of the 2014 Tax Guide with our compliments.

Kirkman Lanfear B-BBEE Status

We are pleased to announce our level two B-BBEE status. Please download the certificate for your convenience.

SARS Payment Changes

SARS has changed their payment system as from 01 October 2013. No longer are we able to use the “debit pull” function on SARS e-filing.
The only payment options are as follows:

1. Credit Push

The New Tax Administration Act

This new Act commenced on 1 October 2012 and brought in a few new laws which have made dealing with SARS quite difficult.

A few that you should be aware of are:

- If SARS incorrectly assesses you, even if they are obviously wrong, an objection needs to be lodged.

- If this objection is not lodged in the required time (30 days from the date of assessment), then SARS will require a very good reason as to the delay in objection.

2013 Tax Guide

Please download a copy of the 2013 Tax Guide with our compliments.

ZNC joins Kirkman Lanfear

You may be aware that the accounting and auditing professions have become more regulated over the past few years, particularly the audit and income tax aspects of the profession.

This, together with other issues like sourcing and training suitable and qualified staff, maintaining standards and keeping up to date with current trends in the industry, make it very difficult for a small practice to survive without substantially increasing fees charged to clients. This is something we would like to avoid.

2013 Budget Speech

Please download this convenient summary of the 2013 budget speech compiled by SAICA.

Important EMP 501 Information

The Interim EMP501 reconciliation for August 2012 and the accompanying IRP5 and IT3A certificates are due by the 31st of October 2012.

Should you wish to make use of our services to complete your EMP501 Reconciliation and IRP5/IT3A certificates please reply to this email by no later than Monday 8th of October 2012 in order for us to plan appropriately. Please note the IRP5 and IT3A certificates are only for SARS’ purpose and are not to be issued to the employees.

Our fees (exclusive of VAT) are as follows:

Completion of the EMP501 Reconciliation: R 1,020.00

Change to UIF Earnings Limit

There has been a change with regards to the UIF earnings limit effective from 1 October 2012.

Please make the necessary adjustments on your payroll system before processing any salaries for October.

Please take note that the UIF earnings limit has increased from:
* R149 736 to R178 464 PER ANNUM or
* R12 478 to R14 872 PER MONTH or
* R2 879.53 to R3 432 PER WEEK or
* R5 759.08 to R6 864 PER BI-WEEK

Please ensure your payroll UIF contributions are updated where required.